Nov 21, 2022

Nov 21, 2022 | 

Save Money by Booking and Renting Direct!

COLUMBIA, MD, November 21, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — When guests book a place to stay at Maryland/Delaware Rentals by Owner ( they never pay the infamous “Booking Fee” charged by the Big Guys.

And when Vacation Rental Owners accept a booking they pay no “Commissions.”

After years of being on the Big Guy sites, Bunnie Riedel (Riedel Communications) decided she had enough of them. But at the time, there was no good alternative to the Big Guys where she could list her Virginia vacation rental. So she decided to create one herself. Thus began Virginia & West Virginia Vacation Rentals (

Now, Riedel has started up Maryland/Delaware Rentals by Owner, based on the Virginia & West Virginia Vacation Rentals model.

“It’s simple,” said Riedel. “I put the power back into the hands of the Traveler and the Owner. Travelers will enjoy the transparency of knowing who they are renting from and Owners will benefit by knowing who’s renting.”

Citing ongoing and increasing problems faced by both owners and renters, the Big Guy sites don’t consistently provide a positive experience for either.

“The horror stories I read on Facebook pages are incredible,” said Riedel. “Vacationers often find the rental they reserved is not how it was described in the listings. On my sites, if you want to communicate directly with the owner you can either call or email the owner direct to get all your questions answered before you rent.”

“At the same time, on the homeowner side, you don’t get to ‘know’ the guest until they arrive when you book blind with the Big Guys. You can’t verify whether your property will be a good fit,” said Riedel. “Every inquiry I get direct from my site, I pick up the phone and call the prospective renter. I’m able to create a ‘relationship’ not just a business transaction. I often ask if they’ve ever been to the area and if not, I provide them with tips to make their trip more enjoyable.”

Due to that, Riedel says that the reviews for her own property are great and the owners on her sites have thanked her for the openness of communication.

“The Vacation Rental business is a personal business,” says Riedel. “Every owner provides hospitality by opening their home for people vacationing. I find the owners put a lot of thought into their rentals whether it’s the furnishing, the beddings, the little things like board games or maybe bicycles guests can use. The touches are very personal. It’s like when anyone has a guest in their house, they want the experience to be pleasant.”

To list on or an owner creates an account and then creates their listing. The owners get their questions answered personally by Riedel. The process is fairly quick and the cost for a yearly subscription is $199 for a Premium listing and $99 for a Classic listing. These are flat rates and there are “No Commissions.”

To rent on or there is no fee. So every renter saves money by Booking Direct.

“My sister rented a house on an Idaho river and the Booking Fee was over $400! Just for the privilege of using her computer!” said Riedel. “I told her, next time let me find you ‘Book Direct’ owners and you will save all that money!”

Ms. Riedel can be reached through her websites or at or Or by calling 443-864-4517.

Riedel Communications, Inc. was formed in 2005 after President Bunnie Riedel had spent over 25 years in public advocacy work on behalf of local and national organizations and legislative issues. Ms. Riedel has advised business, nonprofit and political clients at the national and local level. An international speaker, debater and writer. Bunnie has spoken throughout the United States and in Europe, South America and South Korea. Her writing has been featured in newspapers, magazines and has been entered into the Congressional Record.